About Us
Kabab & Curry

Kabab and Curry™s is a dream of Mohammad Usman, a life long chef by profession. There was no scarcity of Indian restaurants serving curries in the bay area; however, there was lack of an Indian restaurant serving authentic, traditional, homely flavors of India.

Based on the desire to serve authentic Indian cuisine, Kabab and Curry's opened its door to the South bay community in June 2001. Solely, relying on the quality of food and word of mouth Kabab and Curry's quickly gained popularity in the bay area and beyond.

As Kabab and Curry's clientele expanded so did the popularity, numerous publications by local newspapers like San Jose Mercury news and Metro lauded the small restaurant in an unconventional location serving the best of Indian cuisine in the bay area.

Kabab and Curry's motto of serving high quality, replica dior handbags traditionally rooted cuisine to its customer was appreciated and recognized by Michelin guide for two consecutive years in 2011

Our belief in serving what our customers crave for

The team of Kabab and Curry's looks forward to serving you!



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